Spring Has Sprung Project

It has been years and years since I used to participate in projects on the GlobalSchoolNet.  Recently I decided that it was about time I got back to integrating technology.  Thinking of how to integrate technology in kindergarten has been more of a challenge to me than when I was an intermediate teacher and technology integrator, but once I put my mind to it, the ideas keep on coming.    I'm not talking about online instruction like iStation or Iluminations. While both of those programs have their place in the classroom, I am talking about technology that extends beyond the classoom doors and is extends learning beyond the classroom: project-based learning.  

The first project that my class will participate in is "Spring Has Sprung in My Neighborhood".  I have submitted it to the GlobalSchoolNet and it should be ready for registrants in just a couple days.  As soon as it is, I will post registration information for teachers.

Parents, please help your child be on the lookout for signs of spring in your neighborhood.  If your child has access to a digital camera, please allow him/her to take a photo of the sign of spring and email it to me at my school email address.  Thanks!

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