Monday, December 5, 2011

Newsletters Back Online

To see past and present newsletters online, please click on the link for the new page, "Newsletters", in the menu above. 

The Activity calendar for the week is on the page with the calendar.  Every nine weeks, the students attend one of the Activity classes twice.  This nine weeks it has been music.  A new schedule will start in January.  The only class that should change should be the class that the students attend twice.

For those of you that ordered books, the order was placed last Friday.  When the order arrives, I will contact you to see if you want me to hold onto them until you can pick them up, or if you want me to give them to your child.  (Or you can send me an email.)

Cat Stanley has been contacting parents regarding the donations needed for the crafts and parties coming up.  She is also looking for parent volunteers on the last day.

IF your child does not plan to be at school on the last two days of school, could you please send me a note or email so that we can plan (for numbers) accordingly?  Also, if you are going to be gone on vacation, please be sure it won't cause your child to exceed nine absences during the first semester which is the district limit on unexcused absenses.  (Doctor's visits with notes do not count towards the nine.

Today the children decorated our class "evergreen" tree and learned about the legend of tinsel.  Ask your child to tell you about that legend!  Also ask what the old woman in the story did with Christmas.  Hint:  First, she had to "fetch" Christmas.  Then she had to "make" Christmas.  What did those things mean?  What did she do next?

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