Thursday, January 12, 2012

Testing Update

Well, the testing is almost over except for the couple students who were absent!  Thanks, Amy Brandes, for watching the class today during recess so I could complete the listening comprehension portion!

Please remember that Monday is a holiday, so no school! 

Also, I sent home two different Home Learning packets.  On one of them, I had corrected the dates on it, but on the other, I forgot.  The reading unit 5 will not begin until Tuesday.  It was decided that with New Year's and Martin Luther King activities, to hold off until next week.  So please work on the other activities, but the ones that require either the reader, please wait until next week.  Better yet, use any other book your child has at home.  In fact, I only have six copies of the on-grade-level reader, so I won't be able to send it home to everyone at the same time.  I will be sending home other readers to the students whose parents indicated they wanted to participate in that take-home program.  

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