Sunday, July 6, 2014

School Supplies

Hello Kindergarten Parents,
It's getting to be time for the stores to start stocking their shelves with school supplies and little ones start getting excited about buying their supplies!  While we won't know who your child's teacher will be until after we do the individual assessments on each child during your scheduled appointment time, my list is very close to the "generic" kindergarten supply list at Lewis Carroll. The main difference may be in the Mead Primary Journals which I will use for a Math Journal and a Reading Interactive Notebook.  Also, I would like students to have a 1/2" white binder for their poetry/word work notebook. The other teachers may also include a few items I don't include on my list.  But if you want to get started, my list is below.  (Sorry I don't have a copy of the "generic list" at home.)

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