Monday, February 27, 2012

Dr. Seuss is Loose and Other Timely News

Dr. Seuss' birthday is Friday, March 2nd, and is also the Read Across America Day.  Today students learned about Wockets and are learning that rhyming words have word endings that SOUND, but are not necessarily spelled the same.  Students designed their own wockets for their pockets.  Tomorrow students will describe their wockets to learn about describing words (adjectives). 

Wednesday will be "WACKY WEDNESDAY" and students are encouraged to dress "Wacky", including wearing Silly Socks. (Students will only be permitted to wear wacky hats in the classroom, however. If your child does wear a wacky hat in the classroom, remind him/her not to share the hat with any child:

Never share your hat or comb
Or lice could make your head their home.
As you may know from the Dolphin Dialogue, there have been many head lice cases in school lately.  Perhaps it's due to the early warm weather.  The school policy was explained in the newsletter.  If you didn't read that policy, please go to the Lewis Carroll newsletter page to read it so you will be aware of what the school's responsibilites are with children who have head lice or nits. 

Thursday will be Green Eggs and Ham Day.

Testing information:

The following assessments will be given to your child between today and the end of the grading period which is March 14th.  (Please see Calendar page.) 
  • Tomorrow -district-required writing assessment.  Please talk to your child about doing his/her PERSONAL BEST tomorrow.  We did a "practice test" today so I could give the children feedback on what they needed to do on tomorrow's assessment.
  • Literacy Assessment - the letters of the alphabet and the sounds of the letters, the first 24 sight words, blending together CVC (3 letter words with short vowels), and spelling 3 letter words.
  • Reading - students will read from a reading assessment kit to determine the level at which he/she is reading.  Please encourage your child not to just guess at words but to try to sound them out, use picture clues, etc.
  • Science Test - Space
  • Math - Composition/decomposition of numbers 0-10, geometric shapes - name and describe, writing numbers to 20, growing patterns and number patterns.

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