Monday, November 14, 2011

Brain Pop, Jr. Subscription & More

Brain Pop Jr. has arrived!  With money made at the Book Fair, Ms. Bosley purchased a school-wide subscription to a website called Brain Pop.  I have used Brain Pop with older students and they LOVED it!  Brain Pop has short little video clips that teach concepts in ways that children can understand.  Following the videos, there is usually a little quiz.  The quiz checks the students for understanding and they get immediate feedback.  The list of topics is almost endless! 

Brain Pop Jr. is for the primary grades and Brain Pop is for the upper grades.  Your child will be given the login information at school tomorrow and can access the site from 7:00 a.m. 5:30 p.m. from home.  It is available for all the students at Lewis Carroll.  Not all the videos will be appropriate for kindergarteners, but there are many that will be.  I can't wait to explore it myself to see what I can use with my class!  If you see Ms. Bosley, be sure to thank her! 

MORE GOOD NEWS:  All teachers will be receiving a piece of hardware called a MimeoTeach that will turn our ordinary white boards into interactive white boards, somewhat like a Smart Board.  The children are going to LOVE it! 

Now all we need is a Mimeo Pad and we'll be all set! 

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