Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Flashcards+ App

For all you iPhone owners, Chloe's mom told me about an app she put on her phone that allows her to create flashcards.  She created flashcards with Chloe's sight words and said it's great because it randomizes the words - the order of the words changes all the time. 

Please remember that the minimum expectation for the students during the second grading period is to know the first  16 sight words.  I emphasize "minimum" expectation.  I encourage you to go beyond the minimum expectations if your child has the capacity to learn the words quickly. 

I highly discourage flashcards for addition and subtraction facts for students at this level.  The children need to have a lot of experiences with hands-on learning to develop number concepts.  Learning facts by rote does not fully develop number concept and in many cases, can hinder learning.  But sight words need to be learned by rote!  That's why they are called "sight" words! 

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