Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast Information

Tomorrow is the Thanksgiving Feast at 11:45 - 12:15.   You may join your little Native American in the hallway outside the cafeteria at 11:45.  You may sit wherever you like, but families tend to sit close together because the children know each other and they like to sit together.  But if you have other children eating in the cafeteria at the same time, by all means, please sit together as a family.

Please know that ALL of the students have been taught that they are not to get up and go back to the cafeteria line for any reason.  On a regular school day, one or two students who get up to go back to buy something, puts the cafeteria behind schedule because it involves the cashier logging out of one class and logging into a different screen, and then having to go back into the previous child's class screen.  All transactions are recorded in the computer.  Please understand that if ONE child is permitted to get up, then all the other students say, "Why can she/he get up and I can't?"  Even getting up to go back to get forgotten utensils creates unnecessary traffic in the cafeteria which increases the chances of food being spilled or someone knocked down.  (The first year I was at Lewis Carroll, a kindergarten student, in true kindergarten fashion, was not looking forward when his class' line was departing the cafeteria.  Also, in the most-preferred style of kindergarteners, he was running rather than walking.  He collided with one of the teachers on duty in the cafeteria, knocking her down.  An ambulance had to be called, as she fractured multiple bones in her arm and hit her head.) 

Please help your child to abide by the cafeteria rules tomorrow by staying seated and being ready to leave the cafeteria at 12:15.  It will help Ms.Carpenter stay on schedule which will make a LOT of other grades very happy (!) because their lunch will not be delayed, and will also help keep accidents from happening.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow!

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