Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Busy, Busy Week!

Our school day started with our district writing test on which my little kiddos did very well overall, then was followed by a Farm Breakfast!  The breakfast was a nice follow-up to our writing activity, I am SURE the children would say!

My wonderful group of moms donated the food, cooked, and served while the children told me where everything they were going to eat or drink came from:
  • Bacon -  (This one was tough. The children still have a hard time distinguishing the type of meat that comes from each animal.  The safe answer they wanted to give me was "meat".   :-)
  • Sausage - (Also tough for them.  I told them that MOST people ate breakfast meat that came from the pig.  Some people will splurge once in awhile and have STEAK and eggs, in which case that meat comes from the cow and is called beef.)
  • Eggs - that was an EASY one - the chicken
  • Bread - One child said, "The farm."  Yes, that's true.  But from where on the farm?  "A plant."  We were getting closer!  "Wheat."  BINGO!
  • Butter - "The cow."  And before I could ask, "Does butter come out of the cow?", someone said, "from milk".  That was also fairly easy for the students because we shook cream in containers for about 15 minutes and we had yummy butter!
  • Orange juice - "The farm."  <sigh>  "Yes, but what kind of farm?"  "An orange orchard."  <grin>  Close.  Close enough.  "Well, we learned that apples and peaches and many other fruits that grow on trees come from orchards, but we call a farm of orange trees a GROVE."  (Today was NOT the first time the students had heard this, but you've got to admit, it IS confusing.)
I did not hear one child say they didn't like something on the plate.  I also didn't see much waste! 
After breakfast, the children went to Music.  Upon returning from Music class, Mrs. Zari and I served them some more hot bread right out of the .....breadmaker.  The children also did a "taste test" of milks: white and chocolate.  Then they took turns signing their name on the chart under their favorite type of milk. THIS time I did hear, "I don't like it," but it was the type of bread.  The  children loved the wheat bread with breakfast, but they didn't like the sourdough bread.  (I think if I had not told them the name, they might've liked it.  As soon as I said "SOURdough", I saw an immediate reaction!  Lesson learned.

We have had a very busy week already, and it's only Wednesday! 

The Zoo fieldtrip on Monday:

Baby Giraffe - born in August

Python out on  a "slither", as one child said


Notice the pupils in its eyes

The Human Species with "wings"

Flying Fox Bats

Tomorrow we will learn about veterans!

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